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Business Oregon

…investing in Oregon businesses, communities, and people to promote a globally competitive, diverse, and inclusive economy..

Description of Services: Our team at business Oregon provides a variety of services to grow business and communities across Oregon.

Related to business expansion into Oregon, the Business Oregon recruitment team helps companies looking to relocate or expand into the state, helping to:

  • identify Oregon sites that meet size, utility, distribution, infrastructure and workforce requirements
  • discuss client needs with all of the players—state and local governments and private utilities—in a collaborative approach to get projects moving
  • identify business incentives, financial resources and workforce programs
  • identify potential Oregon vendors, distributors, patrons, etc.
  • COBID Certification

Once you’re here, we provide Oregon businesses with consulting and project development assistance, supply, R&D resources and help connect business and industry to build a strong Oregon economy.

Fee Structure: free | state funded

Service Area: State of Oregon

Contact: Melissa Murphy, Regional Development Officer – Lincoln, Linn, Lane, Benton


Phone: 503-983-8857


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Cat terms for search – 1 – Idea | 2 – Launch | 3 – Expansion | 4 – Maturity | 5 – Renewal | 6 – Exit | Business Processes | Emergency Response | Facilities | Financing | Government Contracting | Incentives | International Trade | Management | Market Position | Networking | Partnerships | Product Portfolio | Production | Regulatory Issues | Resilience Planning | Sales and Marketing