Castile Construction

Castile Construction

Neither Forrest nor Jen of Castile Construction initially envisioned owning a construction company.  Forrest began his construction career working for a local contractor, but after building a reputation via his social circle as a man of integrity and quality craftsmanship Castile Construction was born in 1997.  For Jen, even after meeting her husband Forrest it wasn’t immediately clear that she would be his partner.  “When I first met Forrest I started helping with the business but the whole partnership, working with each other, wasn’t the best thing and we took some space.”  After defining their roles Jen came back into the business as the head of marketing, finance, and business planning, while Forrest continued with design and sales.  She says now “together we make a really good team!”

For 20 years Castile Construction has built a reputation of “excellence and integrity” in addition to developing a family-like atmosphere that relies on teamwork and strong relationships.  Their “unique” vision for the future includes implementing systems and strategies that will have a “serious impact on the expectations of kitchen and bathroom remodeling cliental”.  Whatever they are doing is working.  They have experienced rapid growth in the last two years, doubling their sales in 2016.  In addition, their team has continued to grow, going from three to six employees in 2017.

This team truly is a power house.  While Forrest is on the job, Jen takes advantage of the services offered by the Lane Small Business Development Center.  Jen is currently in her second year of the Small Business Management program and says of instructor Gary Smith, “The information that Gary shares is really amazing.  Anything that you want to work on with your business, Gary is there to teach you and help you learn the ropes as well as set up processes and move forward.”  In addition she says the program has helped her “learn a lot about Human Resources and employee management.”

Jen’s advice to small business owners is to “find your purpose or culture because this will help guide many of your decisions and it will draw like minded people to you.”  We think this is great advice.  When you need help finding direction in your business come see us at the Lane SBDC!


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