Social Media Basics for Business 

…is a comprehensive introduction to social media for:

  • brand new businesses
  • businesses new to social media
  • businesses that aren’t getting what they want from their current social media efforts.

In this class you will explore the fundamentals of social media for business use. We will help you shape your online presence, figure out which channels to focus on, determine what to post, where to post, and how often to post it.

You don’t need any prior social media experience to get started. And given the growing amount of time humans spend on social media, you might want to get started today!

10 Lessons | 75+ minutes of video training content | FREE | Immediate Access


Lesson Titles:

  1. State Your Purpose
  2. Identify Your Brand Voice
  3. Define Your Customer
  4. Choose Your Channels
  5. Set Up Your Pages
  6. Build Your Content
  7. Schedule Your Posts
  8. Engage, Engage, Engage
  9. Monitor Your Results
  10. Refresh and Repeat

As you progress through this course you will develop your own customized Social Media Action Plan. This document is a fillable pdf designed for your ongoing use once the course is completed.