CNR Construction

Christopher Kagelaris founded CNR Construction after seeing an opportunity for a special type of residential contractor in the local community.

CNR Construction is becoming known as the “quiet construction” company, as they cater to clients with autism and/or sensory issues. Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at a young age, Christopher has a unique, first-hand perspective and understanding of his client base. “I have been able to apply my personal knowledge of autism to help my clients feel more comfortable while we work in their home” he says.  

Christopher’s apprenticeship with builder and autism-community advocate Randy Hamme was the “nuts & bolts” foundation of his new company, but he knew he would need support on the business aspects.

Reaching out to the Lane Small Business Development Center, Christopher enrolled in the Business Plan Accelerator program which helped him to get a handle on business finances and to clarify a vision for the future. He expects to add more employees and take on bigger projects in the next five years.

We asked Christopher if he had any advice for other businesses just starting out, and he said “prioritize your home life versus your business life. Learn what can wait, and what can’t. If you plan to be with your family, stick to it. If you plan to do work that day, stick to it!” We loved this advice and admire Christopher for his balanced perspective on running a business.

 If you would like to work with CNR Construction, they currently service Eugene and the surrounding areas. If you would like to get help with your business, contact the Lane Small Business Development Center. It is our pleasure to serve small businesses in our community.