CCB Exam Preparation – Exam Included! 

Complete Your CCB Training and Exam all in One Two-day Course



This Construction Contractors Board (CCB) class will provide the following information:

  • Lesson 1: Business Structure, Business Finance, Business Taxes

  • Lesson 2: Bids & Estimates, Contracts, Project Management, Lien Law
  • Lesson 3: Oregon Code, Safety, Environmental Issues, Building Envelope
  • Lesson 4: Oregon Construction Law, Employees, Subcontractors

    How Registration Works

    Step 1. Register for the class

    Step 2. Set up a zoom appointment with our dedicated advisor. Register for advising at as soon as possible to schedule this appointment PRIOR to class. This appointment will prepare you with all the information you need to have a successful course. 

    Step 3. Complete the course and pass the test.

    Step 4. Set up a follow-up appointment with the same advisor.  After you successfully complete the course, we will schedule a follow up appointment for you with the same advisor. The advisor will help you complete the process by issuing your certificate, and registering your license with the state.

    How Classes Work

    After each Lesson an exam will be given on the topics presented. The exam is timed and is not an open book test. The passage percentage for each exam is 70% or above. If you do not pass all the exams you will need to retake the ones you missed. There is a $50.00 fee for each time you need to retake an exam.

    Requirements for the class

    1. Valid Identification is required for State validation purposes.
    2. Computer with Camera or Laptop with a camera (Cannot use phone).
    3. High Speed internet.
    4. Be able to use zoom.
    5. Attend a 1 hour zoom orientation to go over the computer programs required for the class.


    Date: Jan 07 & Jan. 08, 2022│ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm│ Instructors: Kathleen Lansing and Kathy Nishimoto

    Fee. $ 450.00 │ Credit Card Payment is available online and will need to be paid within 24 hrs of registering in order to prevent being dropped from class. Need to Pay by check? Please contact our office│Manual not included│

    Lane SBDC is committed to creating a learning environment that meets the needs of its diverse clientele. If you anticipate or experience any need for accommodation please contact us | 541-463-6200 | | M – F | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm|