Anjuna Medicine

Written By: Casie Brabham

The seed of Anjuna Medicine was sewn when partners Nathan Heide and Erin Ward were attending the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego.  After graduating, they both headed off in different directions; Nathan to Portland Oregon to study for his doctorate, and Erin overseas to practice what she had learned.

In the summer of 2013, after finishing his degree, Nathan founded Anjuna Medicine while living on his family’s hazelnut farm.  After running the practice for about a year and a half Erin returned to the US, joining Nathan in Oregon, in late 2014.  Nathan and Erin had a vision for a space of their own.  They wanted a place where they could serve their patients in a clinic that was supportive of acupuncturists and massage therapists, while also making the healthcare process easy.

In Spring of 2015 they finally saw their vision realized when they opened Anjuna Medicine on 656 Charnelton in Eugene.  Over the subsequent years they have seen their business grow from their two member partnership in 2015, to a company that employees ten people in 2017.  If that wasn’t impressive enough, they are now in the process of splitting the practice in order to further specialize in their different career goals.  While Nathan primarily specializes in sports acupuncture treatments for athletes and therapeutic massage for rehabilitation, Erin’s focus tends to be toward alternative mental health treatments such as essential oils.  And so, Erin will be opening Liberated Spirit on 12th and High very soon.

Nathan will continue to run and grow Anjuna as Erin begins the process of starting a business again at Liberated Spirit.  According to Erin, having the foundation she and Nathan received during their classes with Gary Smith in the Small Business Management Program here at the Lane SBDC, gave her the confidence to begin this new business venture.  In fact she has already enrolled in the alumni program at the Lane SBDC, which will help her continue to learn and stay in touch.

“Mentoring sessions with Gary Smith are pure business gold, and deliver exceptional value during every one-to-one session.” she says  of Gary’s advising sessions.  In addition Erin says that their greatest business success was “re-calibrating our finance and management processes to push forward and do better at the next opportunity” and that Gary’s help was an integral part of that process.

Erin and Nathan have a lot of big business goals planned for the future but are also eager to share the wisdom they have learned through the years.  Their advice is to “develop a vision, learn to tell your story, be the hardest working person you know, find a mentor, and build your network.”  The future is bright for Anjuna Medicine and the soon-to-open new clinic Liberated Spirit!

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