Sparky’s Landscaping

Mark Leder developed his passion for landscaping while helping his father from a young age. When it came time for him to get started on his own, it was bumpy. “At first I had to work a lot of holidays and weekends” says Mark. He also admits at times cashing in pop bottles to fund his next job. He had a wonderful supportive girlfriend who became his wife, and her solid belief in his dream helped urge him forward towards success.

Mark knew that being successful took not only a supportive home, but also a supportive business community, so he reached out the Lane Small Business Development Center. He utilized several classroom programs including the Small Business Management three-year program, and Your Business Plan Accelerator Program. “I have a clearer mindset and tools to work with thanks to Roger Wong, Gary Smith and my fellow classmates” he says.

Now Mark has an employee and feels more freedom to work the hours he wants. He finds that he has much less stress and more time to enjoy making his client’s wishes come true. He advises other small businesses getting started to have a willingness to learn and change. If you are ready to open your mind, learn new skills, and grow on your business path then come see us at the Lane SBDC and we’ll help you get started.