Formation Self-Care Studio

Formation Self-Care Studio

The term self-care has become a catch-all phrase in recent years to mean anything that puts your health and well-being at the forefront of importance in your life. In theory, we all can agree that taking care of ourselves first sets us up to care for others better. It is the reason airplane demonstrations instruct you to put your own oxygen mask on first, before assisting others. Why then, do so many fail at successfully implementing and maintaining long term self-care practices in their daily lives? I don’t have the answer, but I know someone who does.

Christine Tracy began Formation Self-Care Studio in downtown Eugene just about a year ago. Her background working with at-risk youth, human services, clinical rehabilitation, prison re-entry and outdoor education put her in a unique position to see the need for a more integrated approach between healthcare and lifestyle. Nothing drove this desire home more, then when as a single Mom she found herself escaping to the gym a couple times a week to snag an hour to herself. 

Her own healing, experienced first-hand, through movement and self-care, planted the seed that would soon blossom into Formations Studio. “We are often told what we should do without being taught how to implement that change” says Christine. “I combine movement, corrective exercise and positive behavioral changes that have lasting effects.” Part personal training gym, and part mindfulness studio, walking into Formations is instantly relaxing. Christine’s supportive and positive energy inspires her clients to make the changes they’ve always wanted to, with her support that is tailored to their specific needs.

Even for a super-hero single Mom, starting a business was a daunting undertaking. Getting support through the Lane Small Business Development Center helped Christine get the business support she needed, so she could better serve her clients. “Roger has had incredible patience with me. He has helped me integrate simple yet effective systems that have helped me organize my business, and he saved me so much money.” Christine has utilized the Small Business Management program to grow her business with the support of SBDC advisors who specialize in different aspects of running a business.

Christine looks forward to the next year and all the new opportunities and challenges it will bring to a growing business. She had some advice for anyone considering starting a business, “brace yourself for a wild ride! Be patient, flexible, hopeful and establish healthy boundaries between home and work. Your own self-care is the most important thing, and cannot be neglected.” If you are having a hard time finding that balance, then consider checking out Christine’s services. And if you need help growing your small business, come see us at the Lane SBDC!

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