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Businesses are started for all kinds of reasons, but some of the best business are started when an idea is born to fulfill a need.  Rock climber, and self proclaimed foodie, Joey Jaraczewski was looking for an organic, dairy-free protein shake after a strenuous climb when he realized there was nothing on the market to fulfill his needs.  Together with his business partner Drew Ek they created the first recipes for Sohr protein drinks made from organic Oregon hazelnut milk.

For socially-conscious Sohr, the most important aspect of their business is to provide an on-the-go beverage option that is not only healthy, but provides an opportunity to work closely with local farmers and health enthusiasts.  “We all fell in love with the organic hazelnut world.  Organic hazelnut milk not only causes the beverage to be rich in protein, fiber, and daily vitamins and minerals, it also gives the brand a social purpose” says Joey.  In May 2018 Sohr was launched into the supermarket Market of Choice in the Eugene and Portland areas. 

Joey from Sohr utilized Lane SBDC counseling services to keep his budding business on track.  “The SBDC assisted me at my point of greatest need.  I developed my relationship with the SBDC just after graduating from my University’s Entrepreneurship Program.  My fledgling company had few business allies back then, and the SBDC proved to be the best for their guidance and support.”

Joey and Drew have realized only part of their dream as their vision for Sohr is to grow into an interstate, national brand in the next five years.  “Can you imagine how many farm-to-fit relationships we will be able to build by then?” Joey asks.  Yes Joey we can imagine, and we are thrilled that you have allowed us to imagine with you!

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