The J Spa

Written By: Casie Brabham

When Jacqueline Johnson arrived in Eugene eight years ago the transition from South Carolina was difficult.  “It was very difficult to find the basic beauty necessities for people of color in the local area.”  Jacqueline set out to remedy the situation by opening The J Spa, a multiethnic beauty supply retailer and day spa.  The J Spa offers massage, facials, waxing, and body treatments.  In addition, she stocks a wide range of beauty products including skin care products, hair care products, men’s grooming products, Remy and Virgin hair extensions, wigs, hair braiding, and more.

With fifteen years of experience in the massage industry, the type of massage Jacqueline specializes in is unique.  She has a bachelors in Kinesiology from the University of South Carolina and has worked mainly with athletes during her massage career.  Before opening J-Spa, Jacqueline was the lead massage therapist for the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon Track Club Elite for four years.  She has also worked at seven US Track and Field Championships, two World Championships, and even one Olympic Game!

When asked why she chose to open her business here in Oregon she says “The state of Oregon is a great place for entrepreneurship and I provide a service that is vital for the growth of diversity in the area.”

While the J-Spa officially opened its doors on June 28, 2017 the plans had been in the works for well over a year.  In fact, at the time of our interview she was just finishing up her first year of the Small Business Management Program here at Lane SBDC.  “The Small Business Management Program has definitely made the biggest difference in my business.  Whether it’s business planning, employee relations, financial statements or goal setting, the class has prepared me for strategic planning for a successful business.”

Being such a young business Jacqueline has so much room to dream about, and build, the future she envisions.  Her plans for J-Spa include adding hair and nail services, increasing her sales, hosting community workshops/seminars, and providing local practitioners with continuing education opportunities.  Jacqueline would also love to someday start a non-profit mentoring program for young women with entrepreneurship goals.

As for her business education here at the Lane SBDC, she is looking forward to her second year in the Small Business Management Program.  As for specifically what she is looking forward to she prefers to quote Gary Smith lead instructor and coach of the program “ You never realize what you don’t know until you know it!”

If you are interested in finding out what you don’t know yet, contact the Lane SBDC to sign up for the three year Small Business Management Program.

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